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Born into an artistic family, Jessica's exposure to art began at a young age. Her grandfather was an impressionist painter, and she would often observe him as he sketched, blended and painted with his array of brushes, watercolors and pencils. Jessica's artistry took many forms, though most principally expressed through creating works of art on her subjects, as well as embodying her art through her modeling experience.


Early on, Jessica began making up her younger sisters, who would pose for Polaroids (she has the proof hidden in a safe place!). Once she exhausted the possibilities (and her sisters’ patience), she began doing makeovers for friends and relished in the challenges and transformations that resulted. During the "80's", Jessica modeled, which offered her more of a glimpse into the world she would come to love.  Though she hadn't any formal training, her passion for beauty continued into adulthood, and her innate talent and artistry has enabled her the opportunities to work, sharpen her skill, and realize her dream.


Armed with a rotating visual portfolio of looks she saw on streets, album covers, nightclubs and films, Jessica became fascinated with music, theatre, painting and fashion photography, and began a career as a makeup artist for fashion shows and rock and roll events.


Jessica's formal career began with Jacques Darcel on 57th St., where she handled client makeovers with wigs and hairpieces, which Mr. Darcel’s shop specialized in. Jessica appeared as a model in print advertisements in Details magazine in 1985, as well as modeled wigs in the shop. Some exciting clients whom Jessica assisted were Cher, Yves Saint Laurent, Stephen Sprouse, and Phyliss Diller.


After studying Art History in Brooklyn College, Jessica moved to Israel where she studied Technical Marketing & Communications and Graphic Arts. While in Israel, she had the opportunity to work on television, commercials and some film, as well as work with Linor Abargil, who was crowned Miss Israel, and soon after, Miss World in 1998.


Since moving back to New York, Jessica has had numerous assignments for magazines, television commercials, live music events, fashion shows, and print/web advertising. Jessica has been very fortunate to work with wonderful artists including Andrea Bocelli, Nolwenn Leroy, David Garett, Paula Cole and Vanessa Carlton. She has also painted the faces of various top models including Eve Salvail, Denise Vasi, Saira Mohan, Olivia Palermo and Brittny Gastineau. Jessica has worked with actors including Lea Michele, Nathan Lane, Brenda Strong and Christiane Seidel, to name a few.


Soon after keying a show sponsored by Vogue with her own self-appointed team of makeup artists and hair stylists, Jessica then became Beauty Director for a New Zealand monthly fashion publication, starting with its premiere November 2004 print edition, where Jessica was responsible for selecting photographers, casting models, directing shoots and creating makeup and sometimes hair that was in keeping with monthly issue themes. Jessica coordinated many New York cover shoots, in which her makeup styling was showcased. Jessica was also in charge of contacting PR and cosmetic companies to acquire products for upcoming feature and beauty stories.


Presently, Jessica has acquired a NYS Cosmetology license, which has enabled her the ability to enjoy her other passion of cutting, coloring and styling hair and wigs.


Still motivated by people, music, photography and art, Jessica finds continuous inspiration from pigments and textures found in nature, and the unique beauty of each individual she encounters.




Tel: 917-803-6782

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